Vibes Yoga Retreat was born the day I decided I wanted to share yoga in a more profound way, not just the time we spend on the mat, but how yoga exists in every minute of our lives.

I believe in living yoga, rather that just practicing on the mat, the practice is good, but to live it is what changes our lives.

The way a see it, to live in yoga means to have a deep connection with ourselves, so we can pay close attention to our intuition, it will always take us to a happy place.

To live in yoga means to share with others, a community, to laugh together and grow together.

In Vibes we create retreats with the aim of taking a few days to just spread happiness, while creating a community of like minded beings.

Our biggest purpose is to share lifetime experiences, so that when each retreat is over and participants go back to their everyday life, they know that within them joy can be found at any time.

To know more about our current retreats, please visit the Retreats page.

Another way we look to share the values of yoga is by supporting organizations that give help to those in needs, in case you would like to know more information, please visit the Causes We Support page.

For any other information, you may Contact Us, we are always happy to hear from you.

Good vibes and much love,


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Hello beautiful tribe!

You know we are all about Living Yoga, and about building community of course! This is why we organized an Instagram Yoga Challenge to promote the values of the practice and to give you the opportunity to win:

  • $500 OFF our retreat next March 4th-9th, 2019 –Click Here for information about the retreat-, or,
  • 1 Swimsuit from Chikolat Beachwear*, with free shipping in US and Canada.

Read below for details about how to participate and have a chance to win.

#LiveYourYogaPractice Yoga Challenge Layout - Vibes Yoga Retreats

1. Like this post with the image above in our Instagram, or the Instagram from any of our hosts, and tag 3 friends in the comments (tagged business accounts do not count).

2. Follow:

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@vibesyogaretreats and @chikolatbeachwear

3. Make sure your profile is set public so we can see your posts.

4. Participate each day sharing your thought according to the theme.

5. Tag all hosts and sponsors using the hashtag #LiveYourYogaPractice

6. Spread good vibes!

Two winners will be selected ramdonly to obtain 1 price each, the winners will be published in the account from @vibesyogaretreats next Monday, October 15th at 8pm EST.

*Limited options available.

We deeply believe that in community we grow, in community we can manifest of best selves, and bringing people together is our passion, this is why we have organized three opportunities to meet up with you in New York.

Our intention in these events is to provide a sneak peek of what happens in our retreats in Costa Rica for people who have not been able to take a trip with us.

The schedule of the events will flow as follows:

  • Yoga class (45 minutes).
  • Healthy snacks provided by us (15 minutes).
  • Workshop (45 minutes).

The best thing, all of the events are FREE!

To secure your spot please fill up below the form that corresponds to the event of your interest.

September 15th, 2018

September 16th, 2018

If you have any question please do not hesitate to Contact Us!

Can’t wait to see you.

Lots of love and good vibes!

The Vibes Tribe

To take yoga off the mat and into life, is our purpose since the first day. The reason we started to organize yoga experiences was to create spaces where yoga is lived.

Yoga means union, therefore to live the practice means to recognize that we are all one, we are meant to support each other, we are meant to be of service to each other, because of this, as yoga practitioners, service is just as important as having a daily practice.

We are so happy to announce that by attending any of our retreats, you would be making a donation toΒ Fundacion Futuros Vinotinto, an NGO based in Venezuela whose purpose is to educate and provide soccer lessons to children in poverty conditions, their motto is: “First we create values, then we train players”.

Our intention with this donation, besides encouraging service, is to make an impact, therefore…

The purchase of one spot in any of our retreat contributes to the education and training of child in Venezuela for an entire year.

To know more about the work this foundation has been doing, you may check their WEBSITE.

To secure your spot in any of our retreat, you may check the information in this LINK.


Food is important, food brings people together.

During our retreats and events, one of the components we give more attention to is: THE FOOD!

We like our food healthy, and DELICIOUS! That is why we were so happy when in our last event, our Pop-Up Event in San Diego, every participant was talking about how yummy the snacks were, and requested that we share the recipes… Based on the fact that sharing is caring, we immediately agreed.

During that event we prepared the following dips:

  • Peach, Oh! Sweet Salsa.
  • White Bean and Rosemary Hummus.
  • Just like in Costa Rica, Black Bean Dip.

In this post we will share the Peach, Oh! Sweet Salsa recipe, and in the following days we will be sharing the rest of the recipes, so take your notes, and in your next family or friends get together, take healthy to a whole new level.

Lots of love,

The Vibes Tribe


Peach, Oh! Sweet Salsa Recipe


  • 9 Peaches.
  • 1 Tbsp Coconut Oil.
  • 1 Medium Tomato.
  • 1/2 Medium Pepper.
  • 1 Small Red Onion.
  • Handful of Cilantro.
  • Lime Juice to taste.
  • Salt to taste.


  • Cut the peaches into thick slices, around 1/2 inch thick. Throw the peaches into a bowl and mix with the coconut oil.
  • Bring the peaches to a pan, medium to high temperature. Place the peaches there for 1 minute on each side, and then place into a bowl to let them cool down.
  • Chop the tomato, pepper, red onion, and cilantro into small pieces.
  • Once the peaches are cool, chop them into small pieces, and combine with the rest of the ingredients, including lime and salt.

THAT’S IT! You may serve it with your favorite chips, and enjoy every bite.