Vibes exists to support coaches, yoga instructors and healers who are looking to host international yoga retreats for their communities. We believe that retreats provide hosts the opportunity to increase the transformations their clients are craving, by having spaces to express themselves in authentic ways, support each other, and enjoying the simple pleasure of life.


Whether you are a business coach, life coach, yoga instructor, meditation teacher, we help you in every step prior and during your retreat in Costa Rica or Mexico. We provide lodging spaces, meals, activity management, customer service. Our goal is that you are able to just focus of sharing your gifts in the retreat.

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We create retreats taking into accounts the following values:

  • Service: part of the profits from each retreat is donated to NGOs who support children in poverty conditions.
  • Healthy living: we seek to encourge retreat participant to love their bodies by providing delicious healthy meals in addition to taking wellness practices every day.
  • Community: we deeply believe the biggest transformations happen in supporting and loving groups.


I left Venezuela, my home country and moved into Costa RicaDSCF2580 in 2016 with just $700 but a heart filled with confidence that I would create a living that would make me smile every time I thought about it, I had no idea about what it was that I would be happy to do, but I was confident that I would figure it out.

Not knowing what to do, I started to ask myself what where the subjects I really wanted to serve in, and I found that:

  • Since my mom passed away due to breast cancer when I was 15 years old, I knew that to encourage others to eat healthy for healthy life would make me happy.
  • Having been raised in Venezuela a country with political and social turmoil, I saw many people in poverty conditions, I thought to be of service for them was also important.
  • Yoga had played a key role in allowing me to connect with myself, yoga had to be part of the picture.
  • Growing up, my mom would always tell me that we only have life so we can be happy, I wanted to create experiences that allowed others to find joy.
  • Community, I deeply believe that to walk far we must go together, community building experiences mattered to me.

As I tried to dig deep on how to have all those points met, RETREATS! That was the answer, so Vibes was created.

Taking into account healthy living, service, mindfulness, Vibes now helps coaches who are looking to create international retreats to boost the transformation they support their clients with.

To find out more about how we can support you in the creation of your retreat, fill out the form in the Host a Retreat page.