The Purpose Behind Vibes

We create journeys where yoga is lived, rather than just practiced on the mat,

where likeminded people share, play, be, where every person is encouraged to live 

their happiest life, and serve those in needs

where magical experiences happen.

About Us

Vibes Yoga Retreats was created to encourage people from around the world to live in yoga, to take yoga beyond the mat.

We organize yoga retreats in paradise locations, where like-minded beings create a community based on happiness, and embracing the true self.

Each trip is an opportunity for connection.

The Purpose

“When I decided to create Vibes, my first thought was that I wanted to work on a purpose I connected with, and of course to live yoga was my biggest aim.

Yoga has many benefits, but the most important part of yoga does not happen on the mat, it happens in our everyday life. To live in yoga, means to smile, to be happy, to embrace the true self, in this is the purpose of every trip.”

Andrea Graterol


To find out more about our experience, visit the Retreats page.




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