Good Vibes Beyond the Mat

Vibes Yoga Retreat was born the day I decided I wanted to share yoga in a more profound way, not just the time we spend on the mat, but how yoga exists in every minute of our lives.

I believe in living yoga, rather that just practicing on the mat, the practice is good, but to live it is what changes our lives.

The way a see it, to live in yoga means to have a deep connection with ourselves, so we can pay close attention to our intuition, it will always take us to a happy place.

To live in yoga means to share with others, a community, to laugh together and grow together.

In Vibes we create retreats with the aim of taking a few days to just spread happiness, while creating a community of like minded beings.

Our biggest purpose is to share lifetime experiences, so that when each retreat is over and participants go back to their everyday life, they know that within them joy can be found at any time.

To know more about our current retreats, please visit the Retreats page.

Another way we look to share the values of yoga is by supporting organizations that give help to those in needs, in case you would like to know more information, please visit the Causes We Support page.

For any other information, you may Contact Us, we are always happy to hear from you.

Good vibes and much love,


IG: @andreagrate



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