Boost the transformation in your clients one retreat at a time

Vibes exists to support coaches, yoga instructors and healers who are looking to host international yoga retreats for their communities. We believe that retreats provide hosts the opportunity to increase the transformations their clients are craving, by having spaces to express themselves in authentic ways, support each other, and enjoying the simple pleasure of life.


Whether you are a business coach, life coach, yoga instructor, meditation teacher, we help you in every step prior and during your retreat in Costa Rica or Mexico. We provide lodging spaces, meals, activity management, customer service. Our goal is that you are able to just focus of sharing your gifts in the retreat.

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Want to know what previous retreat hosts are saying?

Katelyn Anne Marie is a Business Mindset Coach, on August/2019 she hosted her first retreat ever with Vibes, the experience allowed her to connect in person and in a sacred environment with her clients and to provide them with the transformation they were craving to release fears and limiting beliefs and connect with their potential and love.

Here is what Katelyn’s clients said about the how they felt about the space created by Vibes for the retreat…

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Expand the the change you are creating in this world, one retreat at a time, to find more detail, fill the form in the Host a Retreat page.