Book a yoga retreat and support children in Venezuela

To take yoga off the mat and into life, is our purpose since the first day. The reason we started to organize yoga experiences was to create spaces where yoga is lived.

Yoga means union, therefore to live the practice means to recognize that we are all one, we are meant to support each other, we are meant to be of service to each other, because of this, as yoga practitioners, service is just as important as having a daily practice.

We are so happy to announce that by attending any of our retreats, you would be making a donation toΒ Fundacion Futuros Vinotinto, an NGO based in Venezuela whose purpose is to educate and provide soccer lessons to children in poverty conditions, their motto is: “First we create values, then we train players”.

Our intention with this donation, besides encouraging service, is to make an impact, therefore…

The purchase of one spot in any of our retreat contributes to the education and training of child in Venezuela for an entire year.

To know more about the work this foundation has been doing, you may check their WEBSITE.

To secure your spot in any of our retreat, you may check the information in this LINK.


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